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Why Is Fire Door A Compliance Product?

Fire doors are designed and tested to specific standards to ensure that they can withstand fire and heat for a specified period of time, allowing occupants to evacuate the building safely and giving firefighters time to respond to the fire.

Confused Between Fully Insulated Doors and Partially Insulated Doors?

Fully insulated and partially insulated doors are two types of fire-rated doors that differ in their level of insulation and fire resistance capabilities. Fully insulated doors are usually rated to withstand fire exposure for a minimum of 1 hour to up to 2 hours. Partially insulated doors are typically rated for a minimum of 30 minutes to up to 1 hour of fire resistance.
Fully insulated ones are typically used in high-risk areas where a higher level of fire resistance is required. Whereas, partially insulated ones are suitable for areas where a lower level of fire resistance is needed.

Tufwud Doors & Accessories Pvt Ltd (Formerly: Khemka Timber Pvt Ltd (KTPL) was established in the year 1954 in Kolkata. Tufwud is a solution provider for all passive safety doors and hardware needs. Over the years, Tufwud has transformed itself into a top manufacturer and supplier of durable and designer architectural doors in India. Tufwud is a top reliable and trusted brand as manufacturers of fully insulated fire doors.

New Era Acoustic Fire Doors

Acoustic fire doors are made using special materials that are both fire-resistant and able to block sound transmission. The doors are typically constructed with multiple layers of dense materials, such as wood, or ceramic, which provide the necessary fire resistance and soundproofing properties.