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One primary purpose of Insulated Fire Door is to compartmentalize a mall or a office building, Commercial Buildings dividing it into different fire zones. In the event of a fire, these commercial doors can be closed automatically or manually, restricting the fire’s movement and giving occupants more time to evacuate safely.

Tufwud Doors and Accessories pvt ltd are best Fire doors manufacturers in India. Tufwud doors are usually marked “FD-ID” with fire rating labels indicating their resistance to fire. These ratings, such as 60-minute, or 90-minute, specify their ability to withstand fire and heat. It’s essential to install doors with the appropriate fire rating based on the building’s occupancy, size, and fire safety requirements.

In conclusion,  fully insulated fire doors in commercial buildings are indispensable components of fire safety systems. They serve as a critical line of defense, containing fire and smoke while facilitating safe evacuation. Regular maintenance and adherence to fire safety regulations are essential to ensure that these doors fulfill their life-saving role effectively. Fire doors exemplify the importance of proactive safety measures in commercial spaces, underscoring the need for diligence and compliance with safety standards.

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Tufwud glass fire doors in Commercial Building

Westin Hotel

Fire proof door for hotel rooms

Ace Group

Tufwud fire rated door for commercial buildings

JW Marriott

Uses of Tufwud Fire door in JW Marriott Hotel Kolkata, Mumbai

Bombay Stock

Bombay Stock Used Tufwud Fire Doors in Mumbai

D Mart

Tufwud Insulated Fire Doors used in Dmart Building

Godrej, Ranchi

Godrej, Ranchi used Tufwud Fire Rated Glass Doors


Fire Rated Wooden doors 90 minutes


Ambuja Used Fully Insulated Wooden Acoustic Fire Door from Tufwud

Mission 96

Mission 96 Choose Tufwud Fire Proof Door Coomercial Building

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