Fire Safety Door for residential buildings

Acoustic Door & Fire Safety Door for residential buildings are essential safety features, serving as a first line of defense against the rapid spread of heat and smoke. Not only fire door but also acoustic door ensure both fire safety and sound insulation for residential buildings.

Tufwud Doors and Accessories Pvt ltd is the leading manufacturer & supplier of fire door for residential buildings in India. IS0-certified Tufwud Fire Safety Door are strategically designed to check the fire, confining them to their source and preventing their unchecked progression. In multi-story residential buildings acoustic door are installed in the main door of each flat, stairways and corridors, electric shafts, safeguarding escape routes and ensuring that residents can evacuate safely. Tufwud Wooden Fire door are tested by the best labs in India for 1-hour and 2-hour fire ratings. Regular maintenance and compliance with local building codes are imperative to ensure the proper functioning 

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Tata Promont Hilltop

Tata Promont Hilltop choosed Tufwud 60min Fire Proof Door Residential building

The Park Tower

Park Tower Used Glazed Fire Safety Door From Tufwud


Sound Proof Door Manufacturer by Tufwud for Indiabuuls


PS JIVA Used Tufwud Insulated Fire door

Mission 96

Mission 96 Building Choosed tufwud Fire Proof Door

Atmosphere Kolkata

Atmosphere Kolkata used Tufwud Soundproof Door For Residential Builduings

Siddha Galaxia

Siddha Galaxia 90minute fire rated wood doors residential building

Bombay Reality (ICC)

Fire Door for Commercial Building Tufwud


Srijan Natura Used Tufwud seasoned wood

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