Soundproof Wooden Doors for Cinema Halls & Banquet Halls

At Tufwud doors, we're crafting soundproof wooden doors for cinema halls, auditoriums, and banquet halls. Our wooden acoustic doors ensure that you feel quiet inside a cinema hall.

Our doors not only give sound control but also save you from fire. Our Soundproof Doors or Acoustic Door are made from Seasoned Wood. Our Fire Doors are constructed with high-quality wood and Tufwud doors undergo extensive testing and are approved to fulfill the most exacting fire safety regulations. We collaborate closely with you to build doors that not only operate exceptionally well but also blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of your venue, from size and design to hardware options and finish. Our excellent skilled artisans make Soundproof Fire Door and Fire-Rated Door that meet a high standard of performance and longevity.

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