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Lead Lined Door in hospitals is integral to the overall safety and well-being of patients, and staff, and the protection of valuable assets.


Tufwud is a premier Lead Lined Door and Fire Door manufacturer in India. of As safety regulations and codes govern healthcare facilities, Tufwud Lead Lined Fire doors and glazed fire doors play a critical role in containing fires, facilitating safe evacuation, and ensuring compliance, making them an unmatched option in healthcare facilities.  

Tufwud lead-lined doors in hospitals shield against harmful emitted during medical procedures like X-rays and CT scans and glazed fire doors are used in corridors for safety from fire. This specialized radiation protection door for X-ray rooms contains a layer of lead that effectively blocks radiation, safeguarding patients and medical staff. This essential feature enables hospitals to conduct necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures while prioritizing the well-being of everyone within the facility. Properly installed and maintained fire doors reduce legal liabilities and associated risks and meet aesthetics, design, and operational standards of X-ray room doors for Hospitals.

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SSKM Choosed Tufwud Seasoned Wooden Door for Hospital

TATA Cancer

Fire Resistant Doors for Tata Cancer Hospital Tufwud

CNM Hospital

Fire Doors for CMM Hospital

PGI Chandigarh

PGI chandigarh hospital used Tufwud fire doors

MES Hospital

Fire Safety Lead Lined Door in Healthcare

Nightingale Hospital

Wooden Fire Exit Door Nightingale Hospital Tufwud

IRIS Hospital

Iris Hospital used tufwud Fire Proof Door

Meditrina Hospital

Modern Lead Lined Door for Hospital tufwud

NRS Hospital

NRS Hospital Used Tufwud Fire Doors

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