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    Tufwud is an ISO certified Pan India operational 70 years old, Tier 1 manufacturer and seller of Architectural doors, fire doors, acoustic fire doors, lead lined doors and laminated doors.

    Tufwud is a fully backward and forward integrated organization with decades of knowledge and experience. Tufwud doors are made in India and have a deep operational presence in the geographies it operates. Tufwud is a reliable, experienced, and committed vendor of top Builders, Contractors, Architects, Hotels and Hospitals for their Door requirements. Tufwud’s products are Lab Tested, Govt Certified, and  Functional. These Doors and Partitions are Customized to match the Interior theme. These architectural doors are modular, environment friendly, easy to install and maintenance FREE. Tufwud doors are premium yet affordable.

     1. Residential buildings 2. Healthcare 3. Commercial Buildings 4. Educational Institutes 5. Public transport hub 6. Theatre and Auditorium