Tufwud Achieves Milestone: India’s First Fully Insulated Fire Door with ISI Mark


JUST IN- In a significant development for the safety and construction industry, Tufwud Doors and Accessories Pvt Ltd has announced that their fire doors have become India’s first and only fully insulated fire doors to receive the prestigious ISI mark. This landmark achievement underscores the company’s commitment to quality and safety, setting a new benchmark in the industry.
The Significance of the ISI Mark
The ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark is a certification that ensures that a product conforms to the standards laid out by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). When it comes to fire doors, this mark signifies that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets the stringent safety and performance standards required for fire protection.

The ISI mark on Tufwud’s fully insulated fire doors guarantees that these doors can withstand high temperatures and provide effective insulation, preventing heat transfer and ensuring that escape routes remain passable during a fire emergency. This certification is not just a mark of quality but a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of Tufwud’s fire doors in real-world fire situations.

Tufwud Doors and Accessories Pvt Ltd: A Legacy of Excellence
With over 70 years of experience in wooden and door manufacturing, Tufwud Doors and Accessories Pvt Ltd has established itself as a leader in the industry. Tufwud is a pioneer in the manufacturing of Acoustic doors, lead lined doors and pre hung doorsets. The company has offices in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Gurgaon, ensuring a wide-reaching presence across India. Their factories located in Kolkata, Rajasthan, and Pune are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by skilled professionals

The Insulation War in IS 3614
In addition to being a major accomplishment for Tufwud, earning the ISI mark for a fully insulated fire door is a crucial step in the continuous fight for higher fire door insulation requirements in accordance with IS 3614. The Indian standard IS 3614 lays forth the specifications for fire door assemblies and closures. Even though the standard has been in place, the stringent standards and testing methods involved have made it difficult to achieve compliance, particularly for fully insulated doors.
Tufwud’s commitment to quality and safety is demonstrated by their ability to meet these requirements. It also raises the bar for fire safety in India by providing a model for other uninsulated manufacturers to follow.

Tufwud Doors and Accessories Pvt Ltd’s achievement in becoming the first in India to offer a fully insulated fire door with the ISI mark is a remarkable milestone. This accomplishment highlights the importance of the ISI mark in ensuring product safety and reliability. With their extensive experience, innovative approach, and commitment to quality, Tufwud continues to lead the way in the door manufacturing industry.
As the fight for better insulation in IS 3614 continues, Tufwud’s breakthrough sets a new standard, encouraging the industry to prioritize safety and quality. This is not just a win for Tufwud but for the entire industry and, most importantly, for the safety of the people who rely on these life-saving products every day.

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