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Welcome to Tufwud doors and Accessories pvt ltd,(earlier known as Khemka Timber Pvt Ltd)


Tufwud is a leading manufacturer of architectural wooden doors. We take immense pride in our 7 decades of authenticity, and our doors are a testament to our dedication to quality, design and compliance. With a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, we have become the preferred choice for homeowners, builders, and architects seeking the finest wooden doors. Our journey has been driven by a passion to build relationships and trust, a commitment to sustainability, and a constant pursuit of excellence. We are perhaps the only organization in this industry to have 15+ certificates for quality workmanship.

These are the 3 key ingredients to our –

Innovation: Our team of dedicated experts and professionals continuously explore new frontiers, developing cutting-edge products that anticipate and meet customer needs. Tufwud Doors is committed to building a better future, one door at a time. The company believes that doors are more than just entrances and exits. Doors are gateways to new possibilities.

Service: Tufwud seasoned wood doors are made with the highest quality materials and construction methods at the manufacturing units. We use seasoned wood, fire-resistant, waterproof materials to ensure that our doors are durable and maintenance free. We also use the latest technology and machinery to ensure that our doors are manufactured to the highest standards and compliant with industry.

Safety:Tufwud insulated fire doors are designed to withstand high temperature and flames for an extended period of time, making it a trustworthy choice against fire accidents. Tufwud Acoustic Fire Doors are designed to provide both fire protection and acoustic insulation. Tufwud lead-lined doors are a critical safety measure in many settings where there is a risk of exposure to radiation. They are made with a layer of lead that absorbs radiation and prevents it from passing through the door.

Sustainable Practices:

We understand the importance of environmental responsibility. That’s why we source our wood from sustainable forests, ensuring that our manufacturing processes are eco-friendly. We take pride in our contribution to preserving the natural beauty of our planet while providing you with doors that will last a lifetime.

Customer Satisfaction

Our success is driven by your satisfaction. We prioritize customer service and strive to meet and exceed your expectations at every stage of the process, from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation. Consumer happiness is our ultimate goal.

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