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tufwud Fire Check Doors

Fire doors are provided to protect escape routes from activities that occur next to them. For example, where a kitchen opens on to an escape route the door from the kitchen must be a fire door as the kitchen is a high fire risk compared to the corridor.They are also used to sub-divide longer corridors and be used to protect the occupants of a room from the higher-risk activities of an inner room. However, not all doors are fire doors and knowing where you are likely to find them will help in deciding if a door is a fire door or not.
Fire Doors are availble are 1hr(45mm) & 2hrs(55mm) rated certified as per[IS:3614-part-II] for all 3 criteria : Stability * Integrity * Insulation.
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Moulded and Pre-Laminated Doors

Melamine moulded in 2 panel,3 panel and woven designs and melamine flush doors with pine wood core. It is storong, classy, cost effective.
Prelaminated Doors are water resistant,100% maintenance free with 5yrs warrenty.

Wooden Doors

. German technology, Indian Price
. The first and only manufacturere in India.
. HDF base with Aliminium Oxide Coating
. 10 Yrs and 20 yrs manufacturer s warrenty.
. Unique water resistant locking system.
. High quality printed,laminated,UV coated and embossed HDF.

Other Scientific Doors

Scientific doors are often the type routinely exposed  to chemical washing meant for inhibiting and preventing access to bacterial and insect-borne infestation.
Those doors are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for clean room and hygienic applications. Available in honeycomb or polyurethane laminated core options, these are steel face sheet and core-laminate bonded, resulting in a strong, stable and flat compact door. These factory-finished doors over the years have proved to be a low-maintenance, durable and eco- friendly option. All doors are factory finished with epoxy primer and polyurethane finish paint.

Related Accessories

All kind of fire rated hardware and accessories like panic bars,floor spring,drop seals etc. from reputed international brands like Dorma, Hafele, Assa-Abloy,Yale available in ready stock.

tufwud Fire Retardant Paint

It is a passive fire protection mechanism when applied to partitions, walls,cables,doors etc. On heating it puffs up to produce a tough insulating foam over the surface thereby protecting the materials. It is termed as Intumescent Coating.

Seasoned Wood Frames

Seasoning is process of removing the moisture contents from the wood to minimize the structural problems when used in construction or to provide less smoke and more uniform combustion when used as firewood. Dried wood although lighter than green wood, which still contains moisture, is stronger, less likely to wrap or mold and easier to finished with paint and varnish. The length of process depends on the type of wood used along with relative humidity in the area where the wood seasoned.