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Clean Rooms Doors

Tufwud cleanroom doors are extremely durable and are available in different styles. Our doors are available with a variety of options including vision panels, hardware, activation, locking mechanisms and fire ratings.

Question: What factors should you consider when evaluating cleanrooms doors?
Clean rooms door selection is an interesting topic beacuse:
►From cleanliness standpoint the decision are somewhat easy
►In a pharmaceutical environment you’re concerned about cracks or crevices in the door and how microbial growth can result from that. But the decision process for a cleanroom door is more influenced by what you need from the entry and exit of people, personnel and materials, than on how a door relates to the cleanliness level.

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Acoustic Doors

►Provide up to 40DB Sound insulation 
►50mm general purpose wooden
►Matrix engineer board used 
►Excellent custom surface finished
►Reduce maintenance 
►Lower cost of ownership
►Enhanced Acoustic characteristics





►Hotels, Rooms, Conference Rooms
►Offices, Broadcasting, post production & Recording
►Studios Language Laboratories, Home theater
►Plant Rooms, Battery rooms, Kitchens
►Audiometric Rooms, Machineries Enclosures & Others
►Customs Application


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Lead Line Doors

Tufwud lead line Doors ensuring the ultimate in radiation shielding Protection Products are manufactured using only the finest materials and workmanship available. With constant quality control and ongoing inspection, you are assured of receiving the strongest and most functional lead lined doors possible.

Doors must be internally shielded with lead covering full height and width of door.
Door must have interlock switch so that X-ray machine can not be activated when door is open or ajar
►Radiation safety and general medical construction guidelines require as a "good practices" rule that the gap between the bottom of an x-ray door and the finished floor should always be kept as small as possible.

Customization-Dimension and thicknessto meet most design needs

Delivery-proven on time delivers 

Installation-Tufwud installation team available upon on request 

Warrenty-Limited time warrenty

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