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  • 1 Hour Frame & Shutter Combined Specifications Describe 1 Hours Frame and Shutters combine Specifications 

  • 2 Hours Frame & Shutter Combined SpecificationDescribes 2 hours Frame and shutter combine specification

  • Details Client List of Tufwud Fire DoorsDetails Clients list of Tufwud Fire checks Doors

  • Certificate, Department of Atomic Energy Cetified by Department of Atomic Energy 

  • Certificate,National Test house Certificate Tested by Bengal unitech Certified by National Test house Tested by Bengal Unitech 

  • Certificate,National Test house Certificate Tested by CPWDCertified by National Test House Tested By CPWD

  • Certificate FSC Certificate of FSC 

  • Certificate of NSIC Certified under NSIC : ref No. NSIC/GP/KOL/2013/26316

  • Installation Manual

    Describe how to installed shutter and frame and what kind of installation tool kit required

  • Privacy Policy Privacy Policy of users information entered in our contact us form.